Investor Onboarding

Convert more prospects with a world-class investor onboarding experience


Scale your AUM faster with automated investor onboarding

Caruso allows any fund manager to provide a branded, intuitive, and automated onboarding process for their investors.


Feature rich, flexible, and built specifically for fund managers

Biometric identity verification

Ensure identity documents are presented by their rightful owners using facial biometrics.

Enhanced CDD

Manage enhanced due diligence on complex entities with tools to verify beneficial owners.

Bank account verification

Obtain and approve account verification documents such as bank statements and deposit slips.

Document verification & watchlist screening

Protect against fraud and perform PEP & sanction checks against local and international watchlists.

Tax information collection

Collect important tax identification information such as FATCA and CRS.

Wholesale investor certification

Obtain and approve wholesale investor certificates, leverage reporting to audit certificates across the business.

ID and address data verification

Fulfil compliance regulations by checking ID and address verification against trusted data sources.

Governing document collection

Obtain and approve governing documents such as trust deeds or partnership agreements.

Supports multiple investment structures

Supports popular investing entity structures such as individuals, companies, trusts, and partnerships.


First impressions matter, upgrade your investor onboarding experience

Improve onboarding conversation rates

Convert more prospects.

Improve onboarding conversation rates to lower your cost of new customer acquisition and help drive AUM growth.

No more paper-based forms

Delight your investors.

No more paper-based forms or frustrating AML experiences. Provide your investors with an intuitive, modern onboarding experience.

Automate onboarding and compliance workflows

Reduce administrative costs.

Leverage powerful tools to create operating efficiencies and reduce internal administration costs

Understand compliance risk

Understand compliance risk.

Better understand your compliance risk with improved visibility over compliance-related data and granular reporting.

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