Manage investor related compliance tasks, including AML / KYC


Manage investor related compliance tasks, including AML / KYC


Manage compliance tasks with more accuracy and efficiency

Caruso helps internal teams run their compliance programme, manage compliance tasks and better understand risks.


Software your compliance team will enjoy using

Identity verification

Fulfil your KYC needs with an integrated facial biometric and ID document verification solution. Supports over 2,500 documents in 195 countries.

Task management

Manage all your investor related compliance tasks in one place, delegate tasks, set reminders and share documents and notes.

Bank account verification

Obtain and approve bank account verification documents from investors such as bank statements and deposit slips.

Data verification

Fulfil AML regulations by checking ID and address data against trusted sources. Run PEP & sanction checks against local and international watchlists.

Automated communication

Automate investor communications and follow-ups, sit back and let the platform remind investors on your behalf.

Documents & Certificates

Review and approve documents and wholesale certificates submitted by investors, report on certificate expiry.

Enhanced CDD

Manage enhanced due diligence on complex entities with tools to help quickly identify and verify beneficial owners.


Collect investor's foreign tax residency information and export that information for filings with local tax authorities.


Elevate your compliance workflows, reduce risk and cost

Understand compliance risk

Understand compliance risk.

Better understand your compliance risk with improved visibility over compliance-related data and granular reporting.

No more paper-based forms

Delight your investors.

No more paper-based forms or frustrating AML experiences. Provide your investors with an intuitive, modern onboarding experience.

Reduce compliance costs.

Reduce compliance costs.

Leverage powerful compliance tools to create operating efficiencies and reduce internal administration costs.

Improve transparency.

Improve transparency.

Provide more transparency to management and advisors regarding outstanding compliance tasks with permissioned roles and logins.

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