A powerful CRM designed specifically for fund managers


Build stronger, more valuable investor relationships

Caruso helps fund managers track investor engagement and communication, manage relationships, and find key investor information faster.


CRM software your investor relations team will actually use, and love

Relationship management

Know what you need to know for every investor, and review a full history of communication, investments, notes and docs.

Engagement tracking

Track engagement events such as investor portal logins, data room activity, and document downloads so you can focus capital-raising efforts where they will be the most effective.

Pipeline tracking

Manage and track your capital-raising pipeline, provide visibility across teams and departments with reports..

Email and communication tracking

Integrate Caruso with your email software, such as Outlook and Active Campaign, to log email history and track email engagement.

Task management & collaboration

Utilise internal resources more effectively with a shared task system between investor relations and compliance teams.

Data management

Search, tag, filter and sort your investor data by any criteria. Export data in an easy-to-digest format to help target outreach more effectively.


Improve your investor relationships with a modern, purpose-built CRM

Understand your investors.

Understand your investors.

Segment and analyse your investor data to better understand your capital pool and target communications more effectively.

Nurture relationships.

Nurture relationships.

Log key information, and track how your investors engage with investments and communications so you can predict and better meet their needs.

Finally, a single view.

Finally, a single view.

Create a unified view of your customer data. View compliance, CRM, marketing, and registry data in a single interface.

Improve collaboration.

Improve collaboration.

Get your investor relations and compliance teams working together cohesively to reduce internal friction and improve efficiency.

See Caruso in action

Learn how Caruso can help you effortlessly manage your investors and funds, whether you have $10M or $100B in AUM.