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Caruso - Software for fund managers

We are pleased to announce the launch of Caruso, a SAAS company offering modern cloud software designed specifically for fund managers.

Caruso allows fund managers to manage all their fund operations effortlessly in one place - onboard investors, manage compliance, raise capital, issue distributions, complete secondary sales and everything in between.

A single source of truth for investor data

A growing industry

The fund management industry has emerged from the global pandemic in a position of strength, with assets under management growing by 12% in 2021 to reach a staggering US$112 trillion. This growth is expected to continue, underpinned by some long-term trends:

  • Economic growth and globalisation have led to more wealth creation, which has led to greater demand for asset management services.
  • Individual investors are becoming more sophisticated and demanding while becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of diversification and professional asset allocation.
  • People are living longer, and retirements are becoming more common, meaning that there is a greater need for financial planning and management.

Assets under professional management

Change is imminent

Despite this growth, post-pandemic asset managers are entering a new era that will require them to fundamentally change how they do business:

  • On the operations side, remote models have emerged as permanent fixtures, costs have risen significantly, and there is strong fee compression across the board. To remain competitive, firms must leverage software to improve efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs.
  • On the revenue side, fund managers will need to meet growing investor demand in regard to the investor experience and leverage technology to tap into new, more fragmented capital pools (retail) and provide access to new opportunities (private markets and alternatives).

The adoption of technology will be a critical differentiator between the winners and losers in this new era. Yet, the fund management industry is awash with fragmented solutions that are expensive, slow, and poorly designed. At Caruso, we are changing that.

Caruso - Investor Portal Software

Introducing Caruso

At Caruso, we are on a mission to revolutionise how investments are accessed, experienced and managed. We believe that fund managers should focus on building lasting relationships, managing assets and delivering strong returns —and that software should manage the rest.

So we have bought together a team with deep experience across fund management, compliance, finance, design and technology. To create software for fund managers that's easy to use, beautiful, powerful, extensible and secure.

By providing powerful, modern and automated tools to fund managers across asset classes, we're not only helping those fund managers grow their businesses but also creating a brighter financial future for all investors.

Fund managers can book a free demo of Caruso here

Mark Hurley - Co-CEO Caruso

Mark Hurley


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