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Secondary market for private markets

At Caruso, we continuously strive to enhance our software to better serve the needs of both fund managers and investors. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our new secondary market feature, designed to provide a seamless and efficient trading experience for all parties involved.

Why Offer Liquidity Windows

Private market fund managers often look to operate liquidity windows for their funds to maintain investor trust by offering an opportunity for early liquidity should personal situations or a fund’s timeline change. The potential for liquidity also enhances a fund's appeal to a broader range of investors who value the optionality of liquidity. Additionally, by facilitating secondary market transactions, fund managers can better manage fund flows and mitigate the impact of large redemption requests, ensuring smoother fund operations. Overall, offering liquidity mechanisms to investors may lead to increased demand for the fund, higher investor trust, and a stronger, more stable fund platform.

Full Control

Our secondary market feature grants fund managers the ability to open and close liquidity windows for each fund individually, tailoring the trading environment to suit the specific needs and strategies of each fund. Additionally, fund managers can approve, edit, or cancel buy and sell orders at any time, giving them full control over when and how they offer liquidity to their investors.

An Intuitive Experience For All

The secondary market is integrated into the fund manager’s investor portal, making the process seamless and efficient. When a liquidity window is open, existing investors can easily submit a sell order by specifying the number of units or shares they want to sell along with an asking price. Once the fund manager approves the sell order, it will be displayed on the investor portal, allowing potential investors to browse and bid on these opportunities. Upon receiving a buy order, fund managers can approve the buyer, manage payment, and complete the trade by transferring the units. Rich and automated workflows minimise the effort for all parties involved, ensuring a delightful user experience.

Effortless Listings

To save fund managers time and effort, our secondary market feature auto-populates listing information using existing fund attributes such as images, descriptions, and the latest key metrics. This streamlined process reduces workload and ensures that all listings are accurate and up-to-date, providing investors with accurate information suitable to help them make an informed decision.

Automated Email Updates

Our secondary market feature provides investors with real-time automated email updates for each step of the order process. From initial listing to transaction settlement, all parties are kept in the loop, ensuring transparency and satisfaction throughout the trading experience.

Seamless Settlement

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, our platform automatically updates the register and sends transfer notices upon transaction completion. Additionally, you can generate payment files for the settlement of any secondary transactions. This automation minimises administrative tasks and reduces the risk of errors.

Customisable Fees

Our new feature also allows fund managers to set and apply their own fees for secondary market transactions, providing a transparent fee structure to investors and a new source of revenue for fund managers should they wish.


If you want to see some of this feature for yourself, simply email [email protected] and we can organise a product demonstration.

Lana Kamffer - Product Manager

Lana Kamffer

Product Manager

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