Just Released - Automatically Store Emails, Active Campaign Integration

Automatically store emails against an investor

At Caruso, we constantly ship new features to help fund managers delight their investors, build stronger capital relationships, improve operating efficiency, and reduce risk.

With that in mind, below is a quick overview of our latest features and improvements...

Automatically store emails

Automatically store emails against an investor

Caruso's fund management CRM now enables fund managers to seamlessly store copies of investor emails directly within investor records (against the activity feed). This feature supports both capital raising and compliance activities. Fund managers using any email client, including Outlook and Gmail, can simply BCC a dedicated Caruso email address. This action automatically archives the email within the associated records of all recipients in Caruso's system.

Integrate with Active Campaign

We have completed an integration with Active Campaign, an email marketing platform used by many of our clients.

This update means fund managers no longer need to manually export and import contacts, and manage lists when sending marketing emails. Investor data is synced in real-time as changes are made. Lists can also be created using properties in Caruso, such as which funds the investor has a holding in or which tags have been applied in Caruso. This optimises marketing operations, enabling fund managers to precisely target investors and ensuring confidence that they are always using the most recent investor data.

In upcoming updates, we will extend this integration to:

  • Support other email providers (for example MailChimp).
  • Store a copy of the marketing email against the investor's activity.
  • Surface investor engagement with email campaigns directly within the investor activity feed in Caruso. For example, if an investor opens a marketing email, the fund manager will see these interactions.

If you want to see some of these features for yourself, simply email [email protected] and we can organise a product demonstration.

Lana Kamffer - Product Manager

Lana Kamffer

Product Manager

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