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Digital subscriptions for fund managers

At Caruso, we constantly ship new features to help fund managers delight their investors, build stronger capital relationships, improve operating efficiency, and reduce risk.

With that in mind, below is a quick overview of our latest features and improvements.

Automated subscription documentation

A key component of Caruso’s software is a seamless fundraising experience for the fund manager and their investors. This includes the ability for a fund manager to easily deploy data rooms, track engagement, manage pipelines, collect digital subscriptions, generate capital calls, complete deposit reconciliations, and finally issue units or shares.

Our capital raising software provides fund managers with the option to offer full digital subscriptions that eliminate all physical paperwork. However, some fund managers still wish to send physical subscription documents for signing to reduce their contractual risk.

This new feature addresses this need, giving admin users the ability to automatically generate subscription documents pre-filled using Caruso data. These documents are ready for investors to sign and, in return, can be stored against the investors' records.

We anticipate using this same technology to automate the distribution and signing of other fund management-related documents, such as wholesale certificates, FATCA and CRS certifications, ongoing due diligence checks and redemption confirmations, to name a few. Our vision here is to allow fund managers to be able to seamlessly request any document for a specific investor, and once completed and signed, the document and the related data would be stored automatically against the relevant investor record in Caruso.

Also new…

  • We have significantly enhanced the management of fund documents. Now, you can handle all fund documents in one centralised location with advanced sharing options. You can publish documents to all investors in the fund or keep them purely for internal use. Additionally, you can choose whether to email investors to notify them about new documents.
  • Fund Managers now have an improved way to view transactions for a specific investing entity or across the whole organisation. For transactions like unit issuance or off-market unit transfers, the record will store the number of units and the price per unit for future reference. Fund Managers can also now use the Holding Movement Report at any time to extract a detailed view of all capital movement in a fund since inception.


If you want to see some of these features for yourself, simply email [email protected] and we can organise a product demonstration.

Lana Kamffer - Product Manager

Lana Kamffer

Product Manager

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