Just Released - PIE Tax Filings (IR853 & IR854)

Fund managers can streamline PIE tax reporting

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PIE Tax Filings

New Zealand Portfolio Investment Entities (PIE) funds are required to submit two key reports to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD): the IR854 and IR853 reports. The IR854 report provides detailed information on the income earned by the PIE fund and the corresponding tax calculations for each investor. The IR853 report includes a summary of the total income earned and tax paid by the PIE fund, ensuring compliance with New Zealand's tax regulations. These submissions help maintain transparency and accountability in the management of PIE funds.

To streamline this workflow, Caruso has developed an intuitive set of tools for finance teams. Firstly admin users can export a specific report from within Caruso to help them review all relevant PIE data for the filing period. Once they have confirmed the data is accurate, finance teams can use Caruso’s file converter to prepare the files in the IRD's very specific format, automatically generating an exception report if any tax numbers do not meet the IRD's required format.

By leveraging this feature, fund managers can efficiently and accurately manage their PIE reporting obligations, allowing them to spend more time focused on their core investment activities.


If you want to see this feature for yourself, simply email [email protected] and we can organise a product demonstration.

Lana Kamffer - Product Manager

Lana Kamffer

Product Manager

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