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Leverage Caruso's fund administration services to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and better service your investors.

Registry Operations

  • Assistance updating investor records and fund-level key metrics, including unit pricing.
  • Issuing call notices, reconciling payments, tracking overdue amounts, issuing units, and distributing confirmation notices.
  • Handling of distributions including calculation of investor allocations, and preparing and providing distribution statements and payment files.
  • Complete management of unit issues, transfers, redemptions, and associated financial reconciliations. This includes issuing investor confirmations and creating payment files.
  • Support in the preparation and distribution of year-end tax statements to investors.
Registry Operations

Investor Services

  • Assistance with investor queries, requests for information, and updating of investor records.
  • Assistance with onboarding investors and implementing your AML programme, including completing KYC, and CDD for your review.
  • Assistance with AML audit projects, including the export of data and reports directly to your third-party auditor.
  • Assistance in reviewing documents and certificates submitted by investors, reporting on certificate expiry, and addressing any omissions in line with your policies.
  • Assistance in confirming bank account details held in Caruso, managing bank account settings, and reporting on bank account changes.
Investor Services

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Fund Accounting

  • Integration with third-party general ledgers, maintenance of valuations and fee records, and detailed reconciliation of books with source data for accurate financial oversight.
  • Calculation of fund valuations and unit prices, leveraging precise accounting records, and ensuring timely distribution of pricing data to the registry.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of tax records, ensuring accuracy and compliance in the fund's financial operations.
  • Regular preparation of investor financial reports, drafting of annual statutory statements, and supportive engagement during year-end audits.
  • Organised and efficient handling of payments to suppliers and third parties, ensuring smooth financial transactions.
Fund management Services


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Scale operations.

Leverage Caruso’s software and services to help you scale your AUM and revenue while maintaining a cost efficient internal operation.

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All investor-facing services are under your corporate identity. We are simply a silent partner working in the background.

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Caruso provides flexible services to suit your business's needs, taking into account the composition of your internal team and workflows.

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